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Wanted: Community & Maintenance Facilitator

Are you a people person? Do you consider yourself organised? Would you like to lead a community of young, joyful people? If you have answered 'yes' to all these questions, then we want you to join the team!


We are looking for a Community & Maintenance Facilitator for our Reading property!

What is a Community & Maintenance Facilitator we hear you ask? It's someone who will live at our property in Reading (at a very nice discounted price) and support us with our community (the other residents in the building), organising events and helping out with maintenance around the property. 

What would be your responsibilities?

the person we are looking for will be outgoing, social, organised, and punctual. We’re looking for the type of person that would be attending the events regardless of the obligation to be there. You would also need to have a work from home job.

Community Management  

Since you will be living in the property and getting to know the members personally, who would be better to help create and host events? All we ask is that events are based on our community pillars. Worry not, our Experience and Events manager will be around to walk you through the whole event set up until you are comfortable setting them up by yourself. 

Maintenance Management   

As we like to keep our properties as homely as possible, we don't have staff on-site 24/7. Instead, we use the support of our facilitators to help out when we aren't around. Most importantly, the facilitator will be able to help out in emergency situations, last minute issues are rare, but if they come up be able to assist when needed.  

The facilitator will receive fire warden training in case of emergencies and a full building orientation. 

(not essential, but preferred!)  

Do you have a knack for snapping great shots of your friends, even if it’s just with a camera phone? How about stitching together a short video of that weekend away with friends? If you’re handy with a camera or have any other skills that you think could help us document the experience at Gravity and show the world, we’d love to hear about it.     

Now for the perks:  

What does the facilitator get in return?

  • 🛏️ £500 discount on rent   
  • 🏷️ Discounts on 700+ partner products and services  
  • 💰 Opportunity to earn commission through our referral scheme  
  • 🎉 Free access to events (you're organising them, but you also get to enjoy them!)  
  • 🌐 Access to a professional network and networking opportunities (= plenty of new friends!)  

⚠️ Contractual Agreements 

  • Minimum 6 months stay
  • 1-week notice for breach (can stay but would have to pay full price) 
  • Full contract to be signed 

If you have made it this far and are still interested, apply here.

We look forward to meeting you! 👋