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COLIVING DURING COVID-19 - All you need to know

You can find in this blog everything we have done & continue to do during the COVID outbreak. You can also contact us through our APP (for members) or email if you are not yet part of Gravity.

by The Gravity Team

These are unprecedented times for us all. The pandemic has affected thousands of people around the world, from our livelihoods, wellbeing & even mundane daily tasks.

Although Gravity may not be able to help everyone across the globe, we are doing all we can for our members & will continue to support them through every challenge they face now & in the future. At the end of the day, that’s our goal. Building & supporting communities.



YES! We have a duty to provide accommodation to our existing & future members, although the UK is currently going through lockdown, we understand the essential need for housing & we are here to provide not just a bed but a supportive community during these challenging times.


We are doing everything we can to keep our space COVID free & maintain the highest standard of hygiene & cleanliness. Each member has their private bedroom, bathroom & fridge allowing for safe self-isolation if needed. The shared spaces are still open however with strict protocol - in line with Government advice. Our onsite cleaners continue to sanitize the communal spaces daily and our community manager (albeit not physically on-site) is available 24/7 via our APP to help & deal with all requests.


Comparing our space to traditional housing options during this time, there are multiple benefits coliving can offer:

  • Hygiene – With or without COVID Gravity offers daily cleaning & during COVID we are increasing our hygiene measures. Leaving our members to concentrate on what matters to them.

  • Support – Our management team is always available to help whether its maintenance, cleaning, wellbeing, advice or just a catch-up! You can be safe knowing we are always here for our members past and present!

  • Mental wellbeing – It’s a stressful time for many of us, anxiety & fear can affect us all. But with Gravity, you always know you have a supportive network of like-minded members, always there for each other day and night.

  • Physical wellbeing – At present we are allowed to leave our property but if this would change, all our members have access to our 3 Gardens. Having a private outdoor space to relax or workout is a luxury many live without in London.

  • Events – Although we no longer have events in person, Gravity is still working hard to offer a variety of virtual activities, from Coffee break catch-ups, Quiz nights to virtual HIIT’s, Yoga, games and much more. All our members are encouraged to not only participate but also create their own events – never a boring moment at Gravity!

  • Flexibility – In the uncertainty of what lies ahead, many people may not be comfortable signing long leases. We offer flexible contracts so members can have peace of mind and know they are free to leave with just 1-month notice.

  • All-inclusive – With a million thoughts and worries to deal with, our members can relax knowing that their monthly fee covers it all. We take the stress, so you don’t have to!

  • Partnerships – From the beginning, we always wanted to create partnerships with companies that shared our ethos. We are able to offer multiple partnerships that help our members through these difficult times and hopefully beyond. From food delivery, laundry, cleaning, education and much more.



We have adapted our service to ensure we are doing all we can to protect our members, whilst keeping a level of service they deserve. You can find below a breakdown of what we are doing:

  • No guests – Our guest policy has changed in line with Government advice & although this can be difficult for some, we believe with our virtual support network, our members can still interact & belong to a proactive community.

  • Increased cleaning – We have provided additional cleaning materials for our members, along with the continued daily cleaning of communal areas by our in-house team. All communal spaces have additional wipes, Sprays, soaps & tissues for our members to sanitize the areas before & after use.

  • Illness reporting – If any member is feeling ill, they are prompted to report to management as soon as possible.

  • Self-isolation – All members who are unwell will self-isolate in line with government advice. For essential needs, they can contact management for support.

  • Member responsibility – With our teams working remotely, we ask for the support of our members to help self-manage & support each other where possible. Knowing we are just a click or a call away.

  • Prioritising issues – Our property manager will continue to carry out all urgent works but will postpone any unurgent tasks until further notice. Focusing on our members' wellbeing is our current priority.

  • Events continue – Events will continue as we believe they are crucial during this time for our members' wellbeing. BUT they are now all virtual & allows for all members past & present to join.

  • Limited member access – We have limited the number of members within the communal spaces at any given time. This will help all our members abide by the social distancing 2m Government guidance.


Although these are hard times for us all, we believe that the community created by our members at Gravity has put us in a very strong position to overcome COVID-19 and bring a new found strength and bound that will help our community grow further in the weeks, months & years to follow.

Whilst at home during this lockdown, we are proud of our members & wish to thank them for the continued support & the positivity they have always shown from the very beginning of our Gravity coliving adventure.