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What Is Co-Living and How Does It Work

Unsure what co-living is? We're here to tell you everything you need to know.

by The Gravity Team

What is co-living? 

Co-living is primarily focused on “community’; the “co” in co-living. Creating accommodation that has people at its core, cultivating a culture and ethos between like minded people that benefits wellbeing from having a supportive network and becoming part of something bigger. The spaces offer you private areas within a larger building and communal space for you to connect with others. The co living concept is about sharing life and experiences with others to live more fulfilled, connected lifestyles within major cities. The concept was born from the co-working model, but focused upon the entire lifestyle rather than just work. Currently in London there are different spaces and operators in different neighbourhoods for you to check out. 


What Is Co-Living I Gravity


Who is co-living for? 

There's something out there for everyone. From students, to couples all the way to the elderly. The largest proportion of people interested in co-housing are young working professionals, digital nomads, professional relocators and more generally people searching for connection and hassle free living. This type of living is incredible for newcomers to a city, getting access to an instant network and friends for life. For most co-housing brands, you should feel comfortable with living in a shared house, although different operators offer different levels of privacy to suit everyone. 


We spoke to Leonardo, a current co-living member at Gravity Co-Living on who he thinks it is best suited for: 

“I think that it is best suited for young professionals or ‘startuppers’. With an environment and network of like-minded people you can build and improve yourself in various ways.  

Of course, it’s also suited to people who have moved to a new city and don’t know many people when they arrive, especially in big cities like London. Gravity’s environment helps you make connections very quickly and get to know the city and local area.  

Also, more broadly, it’s suited for people who have a strong sense of community because in the end it is all about sharing so if you have this mindset, I think it’s great for you.” 


Who Is Co-Living For I Gravity


Why do people love co-living? 

London is a big place. You might think with 8.136 million people (and growing) it would be easy to meet people in London, but it’s not as simple as that.The UK along with other major cities are experiencing a national loneliness pandemic, which is reported to be affecting young adults the most. In total, more than 2 million adults suffer from chronic loneliness in the UK, which has further increased in recent months with lockdown loneliness

The difficulty of moving to London is that most people already have a circle of friends which they’re not eager to expand for a stranger. As the centre of UK business, most post-university or highschool friends will move to the big city together, and find a house between them, and co-workers who have formed bonds over several years will most often decide to live with each other instead of with strangers. But what happens if your school friends are elsewhere and your co-workers aren’t your cup of tea? 

Most of the time, people turn to flat-sharing and subletting websites. But more and more, the descriptions of the flatmates will state that they ‘keep to themselves’ and ‘are always out’, meaning that these houses aren’t actually offering anything in the way of a community. 

With more and more people working from home, co-housing gives you access to a community of professionals to help you grow and network. Co-living also offers shared coworking living spaces for you to connect with others. It has been reported that nine out of ten traditional shared houses in London don't have a living room, which has serious implications for an already disconnected society. Co-living is a bit like flat sharing in London but with additional space and communal areas for you to catch up with your housemates and invite friends over.


Why People Love Co-Living I Gravity


What are the benefits of co-living?

Outside of the benefits mentioned above, it is built upon what people actually need. With traditional renting in London, you have to pay high amounts of rent to live in a place that doesn’t benefit your life. Co-housing creates a lifestyle for you and is packed with benefits centered about the needs of each community. 


Amenity led living

Get more for your money. When you decide to co-live, you get access to amenities that you wouldn’t get with traditional renting. Imagine a work-space, gym, shared lounges and event spaces where you live? When you share with others, this means you can get more spaces than you would compared to living in traditional flats. The Camden Lock community has a gym, co-working lounge as well as spacious living areas, kitchens and balconies. 


Friends for life

When you decide to join a co living community, you’ll go into an environment with likeminded people wanting to connect and uplift each other. If you are new to a city, attending social events and creating a friendship group will really change your life in the city. Get people to explore the city with and most importantly have some fun! The Finsbury Park community always has regular events within the event spaces including communal dinners, breakfasts, workouts and socials.



In London networking is a huge thing. Shared living means you can utilise the skills of others around you to make ideas happen. Some operators, like Gravity host employees working for leading brands that you can connect with and take your career to the next level. The best place to live will also give you opportunities to learn and develop professionally - all included within the price. At the Camden Town community you can network with other members including founders, creatives and other professionals in the co-working space. 



Co-living at its heart is flexible. You choose how long you want to stay. Living in London shouldn’t tie you into long term contacts. All bills, utilities, council tax, cleaning, wifi, events, furniture, furnishings are included. It is built to be ready to move in… you can literally turn up with just a suitcase. You pay everything in one easy monthly payment, no life admin needed. 



Most co-living buildings are focused around wellbeing and creating a better future for their members. You can get weekly yoga, meditation and mental health support - all included within your set price. The level of wellbeing support can vary depending on the co-living brand, so it's always worth finding this out before you move in. 



The best co-living spaces integrate you into the local community. Some operators will create extensive partnerships so you can save money while exploring the best places the city has to offer.  


Benefits To Co-Living I Gravity


So, how does co-living work with Gravity?

Co-living with Gravity is simple. Tell us your favourite Gravity co-living properties in London and we will do the rest from there. We have put together a step by step guide on what to expect on your co-living journey. 


  1. Apply in minutes to your dream home via our website. Choose between a range of London locations with a variety of private and shared amenities including co-working, gym, gardens, communal kitchens and lounges. Come by yourself or a couple! 
  2. Take a virtual viewing or come see the space yourself. You can move in within hours after our community manager approves your stay. Meet a friendly member of the team to help you settle in. Stay connected via our app.
  3. Sign up to additional services to save you time and hassle via our app. We can take care of everything – just relax.
  4. Meet like-minded members during weekly community events. Think yin yoga, calisthenics, breakfasts, cocktail making, day trips, and networking nights. 
  5. Benefit from perks at local and global partners, explore places and brands you love – all via our app. 
  6. Pay one all-inclusive bill that covers EVERYTHING. If you ever have any questions, we are always available to chat.
  7. Stay as long as you like. Even invite your friends to join! 


If you have more questions on co-living, please take a look at our FAQ section or chat to one of our community managers.  


Co-Living at Gravity I Gravity


At Gravity Co-Living we provide an exceptional environment for the expat community moving to London, take a look at our co-living properties. We provide flexible, convenient and connected homes for you to live with other like minded professionals. Join members working for leading brands. Our membership base is a mixture of young professionals predominately working across business, tech, finance, medical and creative industries. 


If you are moving to London soon and would like to know more about Gravity Co-Living and get advice on your move, you can chat to one of our friendly community managers.