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Gravity Meaningful Engagement

What to do this week?

Gravity have curated the best online events for you to attend this week.

by The Gravity Team

Lacking a schedule while at home? Need something to do this week? 

Gravity has curated a list of the best events out there as well as Gravity member-only events. 


Monday 25th Jan 21

20:30-22:00: Live at the Stand Comedy (open to all)


Nothing like a bit of Monday night improv! Get involved with the award-winning, fast, frantic totally improvised comedy show, where comedians make up comedy live and based totally on your suggestions & comments.

Join the regular squad including Stu & Garry, Will Naameh aka MC HammersmithBilly Kirkwood and Marjolein Robertson, Battle it out for big laughs as the players pit their skills against whatever the audience throws at them. Unscripted, Unrehearsed, never the same show twice anything can happen!


Be a part of the show.


Tuesday 26th Jan 21

12:00-13:30: Online Webinar - Creating An Authentic Personal Brand to Elevate Your Career (open to al)


Looking to get to the next level in your career? Interested in launching a business? Or do you want to establish yourself as a thought-leader in your field?

Regardless if you're a job-seeker, career-climber, entrepreneur or influencer, we all share common goals: recognition, connection, impact and growth. What if there was a way to achieve all of this while being connected to a higher purpose? There is, and it’s called the Personal Branding.

Your personal brand helps to attract the right audience, people with whom you can find ways to add value to one another’s lives, helping to take your career to new heights. However, establishing a platform and using it to communicate who you are, what you do and what you value to an audience is hard work. Established entrepreneur, Jessica Zweig, will share how she has created a professional empire through strong, clear and articulate personal branding, as well as extensive networks built on thoughtful, value-adding relationships. Jessica will show you how promoting yourself and others is not mutually exclusive, but rather the key to success.

Join the interactive session designed to get you to start thinking about your personal brand as we enter the new year. You'll walk away with practical steps on how to build and communicate your authentic personal brand – both online and offline.


Register here for free.


Wednesday 27th Jan 21

09:30-10:30: Breakfast club (members only)


You guessed it! At Gravity Finsbury park, the breakfast club will be open for members! A pastry selection will be available to get you ready for a productive day.


Members can register to attend via the Gravity app. You can learn more about becoming a member here. 


18:00-18:45: Boxing + Bodyweight Strength with @taylorwalkerfit (open to all)

Need to burn off your big breakfast and lunch? End your month on a high with a full body burnout, with boxing cardio and bodyweight strength + mobility. Endorphins guaranteed.


Register for free here. 


19:00 - 20:00: Calisthenics Fitness Class with Gravity member, Juan Forgia (members only)


In this class, Juan will be bringing us all together virtually to focus on the body. With gyms being closed this is a great opportunity to work out and meet other members. Calisthenics is a discipline which utilises gravity and your own bodyweight to create a form of resistance training. Which means that no matter your initial level there’s always a way to adapt the exercises according to your capacity. From pull-ups to push-ups, to handstands, calisthenics combine strength, mobility and flexibility like few other sports in the world.


Juan is the 2019 UK & Ireland Weighted Calisthenics Champion and has been one of the judges of the first Female Calisthenics Competition in the UK. Today that experience allows him to teach and help people from all ages and genders to overcome their limits and reach all their goals unlocking a whole new level of strength and confidence. Calisthenics goes beyond calories and amount of repetitions. It’s about trying new things and enjoying movement, while you build strength to reach new skills. 


Members can register to attend via the Gravity app. You can learn more about becoming a member here. 


Thursday 28th Jan 21

13:00-14:00: Online Webinar - How To Build Your Side Hustle Stamina (open to all)


Have you been sitting on an idea for a while but haven’t had time, money or confidence to start it? Wanting to branch out on your own and create something is a very common desire – yet so few of us act on it, because of our other commitments. This event will give you tools, tricks and inspiration to explore that entrepreneurial itch alongside your current day to day.


Register here for free.


Friday 29th Jan 21

11:00-12:30: Community Coffee Catch Up with Eleanor (members only)


Join Eleanor, along with other Gravity members across London for a virtual chat. She will be hanging out on Zoom for an hour every Friday with a cuppa. So if you have any questions, suggestions, feedback or even if you're just a bit lonely, jump on and say hi! 


Members can register to attend via the Gravity app. You can learn more about becoming a member here. 


17:00-18:15: Virtual Panal Dicussion - Women In Tech (open to all)

Join for an inspiring session of stories from women conquering the tech industry! The panelists will share the secrets to their success and how they've leveled the playing field, as well as advice on navigating the workplace. Whether it’s within your organization or across the broader industry, building professional relationships and connections is key for career growth and professional development. With that said, the rules have changed as the remote climate has required a different approach to building your network.


Register for free here. 


19:00-Late: Friday Night Drinks and Games (members only)

We saved the best till last! Finsbury Park members come join us in the communal area for your weekly dose of fun. Let some steam off from your busy week and enjoy some drinks on Gravity! 


Members can register to attend via the Gravity app. You can learn more about becoming a member here. 


Liked this? Come back next week to get fresh ideas to do.