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Beat the January Blues

The start of a new year gives people hope and motivation for better things, to be and do better. However, one must go through the dreadful month of January to begin with.

January can be a tough month, and it has only become tougher with the pandemic. The jolly holidays have come to an end, the load of work has increased, the regret of eating and drinking so much and so unhealthy has caught up, the cold and dark weather has reached its peak... not to mention the bloody virus is still on the loose, threatening yet another year of desperation.

On top of it, we have Blue Monday around the corner, a.k.a. the gloomiest day of the year, making the Dry January challenge truly difficult to complete. In a nutshell, January just ain't it...

... unless you do something to change it! At Gravity Co-Living we're all about good vibes only, even when life is pushing us in the other direction. Here are our best tips to stay hopeful and motivated throughout this first month:

1. Hang out with friends

Our first tip has to be about social engagement – after all, this is one of our main pillars at Gravity Co-Living. Staying in touch with friends is advantageous in every aspect. Grab a coffee, try an escape room, go to the spa (bonus if massage is included), travel out of London, or simply video call them for a chat.

Luckily for our members, this step is easy-peasy to tick off. They have a solid group of like-minded people living in the same building and plenty of events being organised for them to enjoy together. 🤗

2. Exercise regularly

Cliché, we know. An important cliché though, and another pillar we focus on. It's scientifically proven that exercise promotes the release of endorphins, which are good brain chemicals that stimulate and boost both your mental and physical wellbeing. Bear in mind that you don't have to work out for an hour every day – slow and steady wins the race. Alongside enough sleep and healthy eating, the January Blues got nothing on you. Maybe get some nutritious vegan food to celebrate Veganuary!

If you're a Gravity Co-Living member, check out our partnership with Hussle for a lovely discount on their gym memberships.

3. Look out for events

London is the city to be for the event-goers. There is something for everybody every day, every week. Check TimeOut, Secret London and Visit London for all things happening in the upcoming days and weeks. Our suggestions for a bit of serotonin are comedy nights and musical plays. ✨

4. Make plans to look forward to

While you can do so much in January, you can do a lot more in 2022 as a whole. Yes, it's tricky to make plans ahead when COVID-19 is an unpredictable thing, but exactly because of that companies are way more flexible with alterations and cancellations if need be. Plan a trip (we've got a few Monday and Friday Bank Holidays this year 😉), buy tickets for a gig or a summer festival, request days off for special occasions.


Do as much as you can, but take a breather when needed. Alone, quiet time is just as essential – read a book, go to an art exhibition by yourself, sit by the Thames. You'll be okay.

Just remember to stay safe and savour every moment, because time does fly by. January will be over in a heartbeat, so we might as well make the most of it.

Happy New Year! 🎉