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Our Partners

Our partnerships cover a variety of areas, from services and products for members, Businesses and agents relocating staff and clients, to developers and property owners working closely with Gravity for current and future growth plans.

Services and Product Partners

Offering a wide and growing selection of service and product partners, whether you are looking for that special gift or weekly dry cleaning. We aim to make all our members lives as hassle free, convenient and as fulfilling as possible.

Developers and property owners

Global ambitions have seen an increase in our international partnerships. Whether the companies are big or small, we are always looking to explore new areas and new possibilities.

Businesses and agents

Gravity helps companies take the stress, time and expense out of relocating, with the added bonus of creating lifestyle experiences their employees and clients want and need.

Think we’d be a good match together?

We’re always welcoming new partners and would love to hear from you if you think your company and Gravity would make a great team.

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Partners Testimonials

Hostel One

Gravity have helped our business grow by opening new markets that we had previously found difficult to reach. We look forward to continuing our partnership and providing their members not only with the highest level of accommodation whilst they travel but also an extension to their engaging community throughout europe.

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Gravity is an opportunity, an answer and the future for businesses, young professionals and entrepreneurial living. We are not just another co-living brand. We are Gravity Co-Living. A catalyst, a community, and a gateway to possibilities.

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