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Earth Day 2022: what Gravity does to help the planet

As a business working in the real estate industry, we're aware that there are always new avenues and actions to explore to become and operate in a more sustainable way, which is why we're constantly developing our ESG strategy.

Here are just some of the things we've implemented to help reduce our carbon footprint on the planet:

1. Shared living

Co-living has more perks than meets the eye. Creating multi-use, adaptable communal spaces that are used day and night by our members ultimately helps to reduce energy consumption within multiple private areas and results in overall building-level consumption dropping by nearly a third.

2. App

Our community app features a ticketing system that allows members to alert us of any incidents in real time, such as water leaks, so we can fix them promptly.

We also organise regular charity shop drops of clothing, books and other items and encourage our members to give away any unwanted food and other items to other members who will want them, helping to expand our sharing economy.

3. Property 

We've installed light sensors to reduce energy consumption, as well as smart meters and fair usage policies, enabling us to collect and reduce individual usage data without disrupting our members' standard of living. We've also installed solar panels in our BREEAM-rated Finsbury Park property.

4. Recycling

We work with local councils to provide recycling facilities where possible and are constantly looking to improve them across our portfolio.

5. Partnerships

Last but not least, we continually partner with companies and brands that provide our members with eco-friendly products and services. Find our sustainable partners here.

As well as acting at a company level, each member of the Gravity team plays their role in helping to protect the planet.

♻️ Rhys recycles every week and uses a metal water bottle instead of buying plastic bottles.

🥬 Milena orders Riverford for organic vegetables, uses reusable coffee cups and freezes fruit to use later.

🌱 Craig uses second-hand clothes that his friends no longer want instead of buying new clothes, uses public transport and composts all his food waste.

🍏 Louana never buys products that come wrapped in nets and donates old clothes to charity shops.

🥦 Alex orders Oddbox to save food waste and walks everywhere he can.

📗 Joana buys bamboo toiletries, takes reusable bags to the supermarket and uses Too Good To Go and Olio all the time.

🌳 Rob car pools with his sport club mates weekly, grows fruit in the garden and uses smart meters in the house to track usage.


What about you, can you think of 2 or 3 things you do to help the planet? If not, get inspired by our team and get to work! It's easier than you think. 🙂