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Gravity Co wins coveted Coliving Operator of the Year Award for the second year in a row

Gravity Co, the UK based co-living & PRS brand focused on community, flexibility, wellbeing and professional growth has won the Operator of the Year Award in the 2023 Coliving Awards. This will be the second time the brand has been awarded the Operator of the Year accolade following their win in 2022. 

Recognised and entered by brands, institutions and individuals working both within and with the coliving industry globally, these awards aim to foster innovation within the sector, giving visibility to the brightest minds that inspire the next generation of real estate market players. 

With over 70 global entrants to the awards covering 16 categories, and projects coming from countries including Australia, Hong Kong, South Korea, the UK, the USA and Spain (to name a few), each entry was judged in an initial first stage process by a lead judge with a handful from each category selected to proceed to the next stage to become 2023 finalists. 

Following a public voting round which equated to 35% of the decision, each finalist’s entry was further judged by a panel against a specified, strict criteria with the 2023 winners announced at the global ceremony, this year held in Amsterdam.  

Of the 16 categories, the Operator of the Year Award is without question the most sought after.  Gravity Co this year won this category through the submission of the project ‘Coliving with a personal touch’, an in-depth presentation that focuses on its dedication and accomplishments to date in creating a unique coliving experience, with a particular focus on the team who work behind the scenes to create it. 

Gravity Co’s team are however only part of this successful formula.  What sits at the heart of the brand is the community that makes it. Members who live across the Gravity Co portfolio. Those who connect and collaborate with others in their co-working and communal spaces.  Members who attend weekly Gravity Co curated events and those past members who have moved away from the city but want to remain part of the community and so return to attend seasonal portfolio celebrations. 

Guided by Gravity Co’s four key pillars of community (professional growth, meaningful engagement, personal wellbeing, and unconventional design), the brand have been able to effectively demonstrate how it has created an in-demand, fluid, member-focussed living experience that continues to grow in popularity as it scales.  

Riccardo Tessaro, Co-Founder and CEO of Gravity says “We’re thrilled to be announced Coliving Operator of the Year for the second year and want to say a big thank you to everyone who supported and voted for us.  It’s been another very exciting year for Gravity Co and we can’t wait to share some news around our international expansion. Watch this space!” 

Susanna Rock, Co-Founder and CIO of Gravity continues “We’re so proud to have won this award for the second year in a row.  It’s great for Gravity Co to be able to enter the Coliving Awards as it provides us with a great platform to be able to share and showcase what we do and how we do it with others who also operate in this exciting and thriving industry.”