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Gravity Meaningful Engagement

Start With Who

Who is the trio behind Gravity?

by The Gravity Team

Before we tell you more about what we do and why we do it, we thought it might make sense to start with who we are. 

After all, it's all about the people. 

And if we want you to understand Why Gravity, and where it comes from, then we have to tell you where We come from. 

So there are 3 of us.

Both Susanna and Riccardo grew up in the north of Italy, whilst Rob is originally from South Wales. 

With childhoods from the big city to small towns, from night owl to early bird personalities, from electronic music to James Taylor, we make a pretty diverse bunch. 

What we do share, is a love for adventure and travels: when Riccardo was falling in love with Hong Kong, Susanna was enjoying life in NYC, while Rob made Barcelona his base. 

And what definitely brought us together, was London, a city we now call "our home away from home", and our hunger for more: more connections, more personal and professional growth, more wellbeing and community in a buzzing world now filled with a growing number of lonely and burnt out people.

Yes, just like you, we experienced the dark side of flat shares and skyrocketing rents. Susanna had to live like a vagabond for 2 months from 1-week lets to another. For a while, Rob was the proud tenant of a basement "en-suite" with no window nor power. As for Riccardo, he had quite the unique opportunity to be able to cook from his bathtub when living in Hong Kong.  

But beyond all that, what we took with us from our lives abroad is that feeling of connection and growth that comes from sharing with others. And so we decided to create a safe space to focus on, and nurture that growth. For ourselves, and for others, and to get rid of the headaches of living in the big city. That's how Gravity was born. But more about that next time. 

That's a bit more about us. We would love to hear your stories. 

We leave you this time around with 3 fun and little-known facts about us: 

One of us is a real foodie and is even called "Belly", one of us has trust issues with birds, and one has nailed down the perfect whistling rendition of the coronation street theme tune. 

Can you guess who's who? Join our Newsletter for the grand reveal! See what we did here? 😉