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Gravity West Court Communal Space Improvements

Take a look at our improved communal / co-working area at Gravity West Court

At Gravity, we're always looking at ways to improve the living experience for our members.  Whether it’s intangible changes we make our service offering or physical updates to the properties themselves.  Just recently, before the team turned their hands to the launch of our fifth property in Reading, Gravity Royal Heights, we made some improvements to our communal lounge and co-working space at our West Court property.

Flat screen TV and comfy seating area

Earlier this spring our communal space was very much focused around co-working, with a large desk sat at the heart of the of the room with smaller break out desks around it.  There was little space to properly unwind and relax.  The room lacked an area where our members could sit back and take the load off, read a book or just chill and watch some Netflix.  Fast forward two months and following a room redesign, a comfortable seating area now sits at its centre.  What’s great about this seating area, is that like the room itself, it’s adaptable, as the seats separate and can be moved around to meet the needs of our members. 

Back to the subject of Netflix, you didn’t think we’d expect our members to watch it on their laptops or phones did you?  Of course not!  We thought they’d have a better experience watching it on a big screen.  So we invested in a 50” flat screen, wall mounted TV where they can not only watch their favourite shows, but also stream music and enjoy communal movie nights every Sunday.

More space to spread out

As well as adding more furniture to create our seating area, we were also able to make better use of the space in terms of layout.  Dividing our large co-working desk into two created every more desk space for our members. Giving the opportunity for more people to be able to work from the space at the same time.

A brand new kitchen area

We know that eating and drinking is very much a social activity which is why we wanted to make sure that our members not only had a place where they could eat together, but also, prepare food.  So we built a kitchen space!  Complete with a top of the range coffee machine that offers complimentary coffee to our members all day, everyday.

Want to come and see the space for yourself?  Head to our Gravity West Court page and book yourself a viewing with our sales team today!