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Gravity x Laylo

Boxed wine is a sustainable choice that doesn’t compromise on taste, design or convenience

When we have a glass (or two) of wine, we sometimes think about how and where the wine is made, but less often (if ever) do we wonder the same about the bottle it comes in. We all love a good wine in a nice bottle, but the hard truth is that the making, storing and transporting of glass bottles have quite a negative impact on the environment.

A sustainable alternative to bottles is boxes. Now, you may be hesitant about wine in boxes – the look and feel of boxed wine are less desirable to many. As a result, it's often ignored and little sold. However, this is where Laylo comes in with beautifully-designed boxes.


Laylo has decided to change the narrative, combining quality with sustainability. It's now possible to have really good wines sourced from independent producers in really nice boxes. The sort of wines you'd usually only find in fancy restaurants and wine merchants.

Here is how Laylo is making eco-friendly wine through boxes:

⚡ Less energy

Did you know it takes temperatures of over 1500°C to make glass? This means the carbon footprint of this manufacturing process is around 90% higher than other storage methods. By switching to boxes, you could save 20kg of CO2 emissions over the course of a year. To put it in perspective, that is the same as leaving a 42" TV on non-stop for a month.

♻️ No plastic

Bottles need to be shrouded in additional plastic packaging during shipping to avoid breakages. Laylo provides boxes that are 100% recyclable cardboard.

🍷 Less waste

Every year in the UK, over 600 million bottles of wine are poured away because they aren’t consumed fast enough. While each box contains the equivalent of 3 bottles, the wine stays fresh for 6 weeks from opening, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy a cheeky glass every now and then without worrying it will go bad.



Gravity members get £5 off when ordering a box or £20 off when ordering two boxes!

All information on how to redeem the offer can be found on the app.


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