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Gravity's Guide

Guide to April: A Festival Filled Start to Spring

We have to fill our extra long days somehow! April is packed with exciting events and experiences for you. Whether you're craving a musical escape, artistic inspirations or immersive adventures, the city has something for everyone this month.

F1 Arcade, f1arcade.com – St Paul’s London – Super simple: grab one of their flat bread pizzas, a cocktail and get behind the wheel to race your friends!

In The Round Festival: It returns for the seventh year with an eclectic line up of emerging and established artists, with intimate performances set on their unique circular stage. Lucky for our Camden members, it’s only a short 10 minute walk from this iconic venue! If you’re free between 18-27 April, get your tickets and fill your diary! www.roundhouse.org.uk/series/in-the-round-festival

Jazz Festival: https://www.bricklanejazzfestival.com/ Get Tickets to the Brick Lane Jazz Festival and spend your weekend in the East side of London. 26-28 April.

Games Festival: There are so many different gaming events spread across most of the month, between 9-25 April. Check the website for the full schedule: games.london of how you can get involved.

Plant Fair: Are you going through a bit of an interior design phase? Plants are always a good place to start...  The Garden Museum is gathering expert plant growers and specialist nurseries from around the country to sell some of the best garden plants you’ll find in London. You do need to get book tickets! 14 April. https://gardenmuseum.org.uk/events/spring-plant-fair-2024/

World Unseen: Another event that you’ll find at the Somerset House is ‘World Unseen’ – a photography exhibition where seeing isn’t needed – an experience all can enjoy through all other senses. Bought to you by Canon, - www.somersethouse.org.uk/whats-on/canon-world-unseen

Earthfest: Earth Day falls on April 22nd, with Earthfest taking place between 20-21 which is free to the public! Organized by the Camden Clear Air Initiative, Earthfest offers a program of speakers, workshops, and interactive exhibitions aimed at discussing the pressing issue of climate change in an engaging and interactive manner. Head over to Lewis Cubitt Square, King’s Cross that weekend and check out what’s happening! www.earthfest.world