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How To Stay Productive And Happy While Working From Home

We have put together some of the best ways to stay productive and happy while working from home.

With the recent news, less of us will be travelling to work again in London. The change of structure you get from travelling and going into an office might leave you needing to find a new way of working effectively. It’s not just about being productive either, it’s finding a way of working that keeps you happy and healthy. We have put together some of the best ways to do this in our co-living spaces in London.


Create a workspace.
A lot of us work from desks in our rooms; but, it's good to mix this up. Without it, you'll risk not getting inspiration from the world and people around you. If you are one of our Gravity members, head to the co-working areas when you feel like a change of scenery. Although you don't have your teammates around you, you have your Gravity community for support, ideas and some light-hearted conversation when you need it.


Make a schedule and try to stick to it.
One thing we have found is that the standard work-life balance has gone out of the window. People are working more and sleeping less. Try putting your laptop down at a set time each day, going to bed at the same time you would if you were going into the office and don’t eat too late.


Make your bed and keep your space tidy.
Ever heard the phrase “tidy house, tidy mind”? Well... according to statistics it's true. The simple act of tidying your bed has been proven to positively correlate with happiness. So have a quick tidy each morning before work or before you go to bed, it’ll make all the difference.


Shower and get dressed.
This seems simple but it works. We are all tempted at home to stay in our pyjamas. Although the odd day like this is fine, not getting dressed and feeling good about yourself regularly won’t aid you to be productive.


Make time for yourself, friends and family.
First, take a lunch break. The full hour when you can. Your brain needs to think of something else other than work. Call a friend, catch up with your mum. Socialising and talking to love ones will keep you sain. When work is over, make social plans, cook your friends a meal and relax. Give your brain a chance to switch off from work until the morning.  


Feed your mind and look after your body.
Having a good diet and exercising will give you the energy to tackle the day, improve your mood, memory, stress levels and even sleep. If you are a Gravity member take advantage of our communal breakfasts, dinners and weekly work out sessions.