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Meet Juan, The Camden Lock Member and Calisthenics Coach Looking To Use Gravity To Build Strength and Confidence Wherever You Are In The World

We got to know one of our new members and fitness coach ahead of our weekly Calisthenics Fitness Class, every Tuesday at Gravity.

We are excited to announce our weekly fitness sessions hosted by one of our members, Juan. We got to know more about his journey, the importance of community and how Calisthenics is the perfect workout for those who love to travel. Here at Gravity, we actively encourage our members to achieve their goals and give opportunities to showcase expertise to the rest of our global co-living community. 


Tell us a bit about yourself? 
I'm Juan, 28, from Argentina but I’ve been travelling in Asia and Europe for the last 5 years.


What attracted you to Gravity? 
We used to live around the corner! And since we wanted to move and we love the area, when we saw the Camden Lock apartments we knew they were perfect for us. 


Why is community important to you? 
Community is everything. We as humans like to feel part of something. For us, in calisthenics we’re all a big family as well. When you go to any park nobody cares about your level and if they can help they will. I find calisthenics more recreational than ego-based like an average gym.


What got you into Calisthenics? 
As I said I love to travel so convenience is a big factor, I can train anywhere. And second I’m very competitive, and in this discipline, you’re competing with yourself since day 1, you don’t need an opponent, you need goals, you need to do your best in everything you can to see some progress, you need to learn to enjoy the journey cause it never ends.


How did you become a judge for the first female Calisthenics competition in the UK? 
After I won the UK 2019 Weighted Calisthenics Championship one of the judges and a very good friend of mine today, offered me to judge in a competition he was organising. I didn’t know that the strongest girls in the UK and possibly Europe where there, it was amazing.


What do you think members will take away from the Calisthenics class? 
I think they will get a different point of view on what it means to be strong. It’s not just the look, it’s understanding what are you capable of doing with what you already have and from there keep building up. I like to tap into my clients mind more than the physical effort. The physical is a side effect if they are truly engaging and motivated. 


How do you keep focused and motivated to achieve your goals? 
That's easy when you don’t think about motivation and you think about the big picture, I just want to be the best in what I do always, so every day I’m thinking what to improve. I believe in energy and I believe in my client's energy too. Motivation is temporary so I don’t pay much attention to that.


What's next for you?
We are dropping our YouTube channel now called Cali Kulture so this is taking a big part of my time. Also online classes like this like I'm doing at Gravity. I’ve built a weekly program which is super affordable so I help people to train by themselves. In the long term, I'm just grateful to have all I need, a person that cares about me, the best dog in the world to stay sane, and a community like this to share my passion.