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Public Speaking - The Brand Benefits

How can the art of public speaking benefit you, your business and your brand?

The ability and importance of networking at events, conferences and seminars have always been highly valued by individuals and businesses seeking to grow contacts and connections with the aim to identify synergies that can help progress professional growth. 

But when it comes to public speaking, in front of an audience of any size, what are the benefits to us as individuals? Perhaps more importantly, what are the benefits to the brands we create or represent?  We asked Gravity Co’s CIO and Co-Founder Susanna Rock.


What was the last event you attended where you participated in public speaking?

The last event I attended where I spoke publicly was in June this year.  I was invited to join a discussion panel alongside five other industry professionals for the JPES Seminar on the topic of ‘Urban Capital’ which attracted over 100 delegates and took place in central London.


What was it about this event that made you want to participate as a speaker?

The topic of the seminar was not only relevant to my business, but also extremely current.   To highlight an example, one of the primary discussion points focused on how different pockets of capital contribute from various sectors and industries to shape urban life.  Something I see value in knowing more about as it can support my team to further shape and develop our business.

Being part of a panel such as this not only gives you a platform to share your own personal industry knowledge and experience, but it can also help create and support brand authority within your sector.

Another benefit of participating is that the event itself brought together an eclectic mix of professionals within my industry that I was able to connect with, not just in a group environment when ‘on stage’, but also on a more personal, one-to-one level.  Industry sector roles attending in this instance (to name a few) included real estate developers such as Argent (now rebranded as Related Argent), large insurers managing their investors' capital and asset managers.  All of whom came together, collectively looking at how urban dynamics have changed and how this has impacted their own approach to business. 

What did you take away from this event?

My industry insight from the day is that a lot needs to change in the way stakeholders of the cities approach its dynamic.  Key topics discussed in depth included the sustainable policies and infrastructures for real estates that are now no longer a choice, but a must, and how real estate capital markets have been severely impacted by macroeconomic factors.   There was one subject in particular that I hold very close that was also discussed and that was how important it is that cities promote positive social interaction, creating genuine and sustainable communities, which translate into overall wellbeing and satisfaction amongst the public.  Because for me, this topic sits at the very heart of my brand – Gravity Co-Living.

On a personal level, I was able to further my knowledge and understanding around some crucial topics that I can introduce into my brand, to help improve and enhance our offering and, the more tangible day-to-day runnings through our team and overall operations.

Why are these events important to you and your brand?

We need to keep ourselves up to date on what’s happening in the world in our sector, from macroeconomic events and decisions, right through to changes in the local communities where we are present with our buildings.  All of this affects the needs and expectations of our customers and the stakeholders of our company.  We cannot expect to attract the right capital and business partners without having the knowledge to hand.  Plus, I think it’s important to continue to challenge ourselves and our business approach that must constantly adapt to the ever-changing dynamics of cities and, more broadly, the world we live in.

We also strive to be aware of the impact of our business on the environment, as well as the communities we are all part of, trying to lead by example on what sustainable and conscious behaviour should be, as individuals and corporations.

These events can place your brand directly in front of a diverse mix of industry professionals whilst providing the opportunity to learn on both a personal and business level, from fellow speakers and attending delegates. 

What tips would you give to someone who wants to speak at an event?

Know your subject, prepare the topic and focus on aspects of the theme you have know-how on.  Never pretend to know things you don’t and always listen to what others are saying as they may very well be great points of inspiration.  Above all, focus on your self-confidence.  You need to be aware that if you are invited to speak about a topic, it is because you have some solid contribution to make based on your experience and this has already been recognised within your industry.