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Gravity Professional Growth

2023 is the year of Career Networking

Top tips for introverts:

According to a recent Deloitte survey, 70% of millennials are rejecting traditional business models to work independently. Additionally, research has shown that around 60% of people are opting for alternatives to traditional office based jobs. Therefore, career networking has become an essential tool for career progression.

Although networking in 2023 can take many different forms, from in-person social get-togethers, workshops and events to social media connections and profile building, it can be a daunting task for many who are just starting out, unsure about their exact career direction, or  those who are introverted and uncomfortable meeting strangers in groups.

Gravity Co-Living has some top career networking tips for introverts and beginners:

Many introvert types suffer ‘imposter syndrome’ at the thought of actively career networking. This is not unusual and nothing to feel shame about: flip the script in your own mind by writing down your fears, strengths and how you could utilise those strengths in a career role.

First formulise a networking plan:

  1. Write a list to give you structure – include current work contacts, business people, where they work. It will give you direction of whom you need to contact and when you do, write down the results and dates achieved, which will help you move forward.


  1. Network with people you already know – start small with people you already know, build up your communication skills, reach out to your own social contacts to see if anyone knows or needs anyone with your skillset. Give out references.


  1. Research relevant contacts – are there businesses or organisations that you are interested in? You can find out online whom the best person to contact would be.


  1. Networking in person – to give the best impression, dress professionally, be confident, write and practice an ‘elevator speech’ for awkward situations, have a business card to hand out, talk to as many people as possible openly and follow up after the event.


  1. Networking online – be active and up to date with online profile building – companies are always checking profiles and adding jobs/references onto platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook. You can often start up ‘chats’ with recruiters or online support to answer queries and find out about opportunities.


  1. Always follow up – whether you had a brief chat with an organisation at a networking event or sat down for an information-based interview, it’s always good to follow up with an email or note to keep you at the forefront of an employer’s mind for further opportunities.