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5 start-ups in Reading that have caught our eye

As we get closer to the opening of our fifth property in Reading, we've been learning more and more about the town. Referred to as the Silicon Valley of the UK, Reading has become a mecca for technology and is home to some of the world’s largest tech brands. Tech is thriving in this town and that's exactly where we want to be.


It's not just the big brands that call Reading home. It has also become a destination for 100+ start-ups within tech and tech-related industries.

Here are five that have caught our eye for their safety, sustainability and innovation:

1. BARO Vehicles

Founded in 2015, BARO Vehicles is a tech company that develops new generation machines to transport people and goods. Products designed by BARO use forefront engineering and Artificial Intelligence to advance the research & development, testing and production of fully autonomous electric vehicles.

2. Altitude Angel

Founded in 2014, Altitude Angel is an aviation tech company that delivers solutions that unlock the potential of fully automated aircraft to routinely fly in airspace all over the world. Their innovative, purpose-built platform enables drone operators, manufacturers and software developers to access a rich source of real-time airspace, environmental and regulatory data which is expertly customised to the specific operation.

3. TrustID

TrustID is a tech company that specialises in digital identity verification services, designed to make identity checks easy, protect from fraud and save time, from the office or remotely. Their ID checking products support Right to Work, Right to Rent, Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer legislations, as well as protecting public sector bodies such as NHS Trusts and local authorities.

4. KYMIRA Sport

Founded in 2013, with the development of technological textile and following 5 years of academic research, KYMIRA® Sport produces sportswear that enhances performance, accelerates recovery and reduces the chances of injury through infrared fabric that stimulates human cell growth and accelerates cell healing.

Having scientifically proven benefits by a vast wealth of empirically collected clinical research and real world anecdotal evidence, KYMIRA’s infrared products are used by Olympic athletes, international sports stars, elite teams, recreational athletes and world record explorers, as well as people with medical conditions to manage and treat their symptoms. 

The brand works closely with sponsored athletes, resellers and clinics who integrate KYMIRA's products into their training and rehabilitation programs, and leading healthcare providers and academic institutions around the world, including the NHS, to develop products that help, change and ultimately save lives. They continue to conduct scientific research, with profits from sales reinvested into new medical research.

5. Parking Energy

Founded in 2014, Parking Energy is a tech company that develops intelligent charging devices, a cabling system based on patented quick-connect technology and a comprehensive back-end system that creates the basis for a safe and long-term solution for properties and property owners.


At Gravity, our aim is to work alongside resident companies, not only to provide accommodation to staff living locally, but also to support with corporate relocation. Gravity’s hassle-free living experience can help fast-growing companies attract talent in today's highly competitive environment by providing best-in-class accommodation and taking care of all the typical pain points faced by young professionals who need to relocate. 

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