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Gravity Professional Growth

Beat the distractions: regain your focus

Here at Gravity Co, we're big believers in having the right space for you to live, work, and relax in. Distractions are sometimes hard to ignore, and focus is hard to regain, so we've looked a little more at ways to reach your goals and beat the distractions.

Your relationship with your mobile phone - Studies have shown that focus is a finite resource — meaning the more distractions you give in to, the more difficult it is to regain. Unfortunately, the nature of the current day means we are bombarded with notifications left, right, and center, trying to grab our attention and pull us straight back to our phones constantly. People in the UK check their smartphones, on average, every 12 minutes of the waking day. [1] Now, imagine every 12 minutes you have to regain your focus on the task you are working on and start from square 1 all over again. "So if you spend your time switching a lot, then the evidence suggests you will be slower, you'll make more mistakes, you'll be less creative, and you'll remember less of what you do." [2] Understandably, you have to stay connected, and you may be obliged as part of your job, but be mindful of losing your time and chain of thought by endlessly scrolling. One way to do this is simply to leave your phone in another room for set periods of time, starting with 45 minutes, for example, before checking it and gradually making this period longer and longer. When you set off, set expectations and limits, but allow yourself to get distracted after a set period of time to avoid frustration.

Flow state and your surroundings - We've seen a rise in popularity for co-working from home, something we're calling work 3.0. [3] The UK's co-living sector has nearly tripled since 2019, with 82% of beds in those properties in London. [4] The reason we bring this up in relation to focus is that in your traditional home setup, you may have little distinction between the space you chill in and the space you work, making it that much harder to get into the 'flow.' The 'flow' or flow state [5] is that feeling when you're fully absorbed in the task at hand, unaware of time and immersed in the feeling of momentum, which can rocket you to the next stage of your project, career, or accomplishment. It's a feeling of clarity after a wave of frustration, a boost of productivity, a sense of achievement. To ensure development for our members, professionally and socially, 'Unconventional design' stands as one of Gravity Co's brand pillars. The largest property, West Court, is home to just short of 100 studios and features a bright, open lobby, an urban green entrance courtyard, and a spacious co-working/communal lounge that members actively use to carry out their work, network, and socialize. The surroundings form just one half of the equation into solving the issue of focus in this case – you also have to surround yourself with the right kind of people. We serve a diverse community through our properties, all of whom are driven, focused, and ambitious.

Staying healthy and sleeping well - Life in the city of London makes maintaining focus on both work and personal well-being crucial, especially for professionals. In the corporate landscape, where productivity often takes precedence, prioritizing health and quality sleep is essential for sustained success. Adopting healthy habits, such as regular exercise and balanced nutrition, can enhance focus and cognitive performance. Likewise, creating a conducive sleep environment and adhering to a consistent sleep schedule contributes to overall well-being. In the competitive nature of our world, where innovation and strategic thinking are paramount, a healthy lifestyle fosters personal resilience and sharpens the professional edge, ensuring you stay on track to hit your goals.

We are dedicated to curating spaces that go beyond standard accommodation, aiming to be a catalyst for your overall well-being and productivity. From acknowledging the challenges posed by constant distractions to championing the 'flow state' and thoughtfully designing surroundings, we provide an environment where personal and professional pursuits seamlessly align. Our commitment extends to fostering a diverse community of ambitious individuals who find synergy within our co-living properties.



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