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Gravity x MindJournal

Gravity joins forces with MindJournal to support the positive mental health of its members

With wellbeing being one of our four key pillars of community, here at Gravity we not only support the positive physical wellbeing of our members, but also, their positive mental wellbeing.  We do this through creating living environments and a community in which our members can thrive, through events that are engaging and collaborative and really importantly, through our partnerships and connections.

That's why we're thrilled this month to announce that have joined forces with MindJournal.

In a world where so much is becoming digital and at times, complicated, MindJournal have created a journal for men that allows you to take pen to paper, recording your thoughts and tracking your feelings in a meaningful, thoughtful and engaging way.

Designed to improve your health, help you become the very best version of yourself and achieve your goals, MindJournal journals are revolutionising men’s health all over the world.

Based on scientifically proven research, MindJournal’s guided exercises and signature Check-In Tool will help you build a journaling habit you will actually want to stick with and contains three interactive chapters of guided exercises, self-care habits and mood trackers to help you discover the power of journaling that can help to transform your life for the better.

If you would like more information about MindJournal, head to their website or find out a little more about the brand story here.

Gravity members, to explore how MindJournal are helping to support you, log into the Gravity app today.