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Discover the Gravity Co-Living App

At Gravity Co-Living, community is at the heart of what we do.  And nothing is more important in our community than staying connected.  So, as well as our weekly Gravity events where our members can meet up in person, we also want our members to stay connected when they're not or can't be together.  And that's exactly why we introduced the free Gravity Co-Living app!

Our Gravity Co-Living app is available to all our members and allows them to communicate with each other (no matter what Gravity property they're in) as well as speak to our Community Manager and other members of the Gravity Co-Living team.  It's also where maintenance tickets can be raised and where all of our Gravity events are listed.  So if you want to attend, at the tap of a button, you can let other Gravity Co-Living members know that you're going and encourage them to join!

The app also gives Gravity Co-Living members access to hundreds of great discounted products and services as well as 24/7 wellbeing suppport.