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What is Co-Living?

Interested in experiencing Co-Living but not entirely sure what it is?

Co-Living is a fresh approach to renting that focuses on creating a community and lifestyle around sharing in a number of areas including space, values, thoughts and interests.  It aims to nurture a culture and ethos between like-minded people that can benefit personal well-beings through having a supportive network to and becoming part of something much bigger.  For many who join co-living setups, the community they join essentially becomes a kind of second family.  It's a home and way from home and that's exactly what we aim to provide at Gravity Co-Living.

Gravity Co-Living

Gravity Co-Living - Finsbury Park Communal Lounge

Co-Living spaces can vary in terms of offering, but essentially, provide a personal private space for each person as well as a communal area where you can meet, chat and connect with other residents.  At Gravity Co-Living, our properties offer a range of set ups, giving our tenants (we call them members) more options when choosing the right co-living setup for them. 

Take our Finsbury Park property for example.  As our first Gravity Co-Living property, we focused on creating private, furnished en-suite rooms, with communal kitchens, bright lounges and co-working spaces where as our newest Gravity Co-Living property in West London has 97 self-contained furnished studios, all with en-suites as well as a private kitchenette.   The communal space here is captured in it’s bright, airy boho-chic style lounge and co-working area (as shown below) - complete with free pool table.

Gravity Co-Living - West Court Communal Co-Working / Lounge Area

Co-Living is also about sharing life and experiences with others to live a more fulfilled, connected lifestyle. The concept itself was born from the co-working model which has become increasing popular over last decade, but rather than focusing on just work, it focuses on entire lifestyle.  At Gravity Co-Living, our aim is to enhance and enrich the lifestyle of our members as much as we can to deliver the best possible experience for them.  One of the ways we do this is through our tailored event offering that is split into three keys areas: fitness and well-being, professional development and social.  Under all three, our aim is to create shared experiences that not only benefit our members, but enhance and strengthen their Gravity Co-Living experience whilst they're with us.

For more information on Gravity Co-Living, why not check out our 'about us' page?  If you want more specific information about our properties, head to our location page where you'll be able to take a look at all four Gravity Co-Living properties in a bit more detail. 

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