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Who is Co-Living for?

Curious about Co-Living?

Co-Living can be experienced by anyone.  Whether you're a student, working professional, singleton, couple... 

The largest proportion of people interested in co-living are young working professionals.  With more and more people now working from home, it's important to have a space to work that encourages both productivity and focus.  Two things that you can often lose when working from your bedroom.  Which is why Gravity Co-Living co-working/lounge spaces are a great solution to this problem, allowing our tenants (we call them members) to work in a space that's removed from where they sleep.

You'll also find digital nomads and aspiring entrepreneurs in co-living setups.  At Gravity Co-Living, our entrepreneurial members find benefit in the Gravity Co-Living experience as it not only helps them to make some great connections with other members, but also with the Gravity Co-Living team who also help those looking to start up their own business through sharing knowledge and skills in areas such as graphic design, sales, marketing and operational management.

The Co-Living experience is also great for newcomers to the city, especially those who are relocating for work purposes.  As well as adapting your new home, you also need to get to know the area, how to get around, make new friends... It can all be quite daunting.  But with Co-Living, a lot of these worries can be pushed to one side.  At Gravity Co-Living, our members are not only the new friends you're waiting to make but they're also on hand to show you the local area, their favourite hangoutsm, buzzy eating joints as well as which bus and train to catch.

You'll also find students at Gravity Co-Living. The spaces provide the perfect setup for them.  A communal co-working space that is great for essay writing, reading, general study and practicing presentations to a willing audiance.  Our tailored events help them to get  active, learn and be even more social, and personal, private rooms/studios to go when it's time to switch off.

And finally, if you enjoy the company of others - then Co-Living is definitely an option for you.

Do you think you'd like to try Co-Living?  Why not get in touch with one find out a bit more about us

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