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8 Advantages of Co-Living with Gravity

So just what are the advantages of Co-Living with Gravity?

At Gravity Co-Living, our goal is to deliver the best possible lifestyle experience, creating an all-inclusive living atmosphere for hard work and hard play.  The great thing about the Co-Living concept is that it's built upon what people actually need and want vs the traditional renting model which in London, can be quite expensive and offer little persoanl benefit.  At Gravity Co-Living, we are more than just a place where you sleep.  We're more than just a place when you eat.  We're a place where you connect, laugh, learn, socialise and grow.  There are so many advantages to living in a co-living environment, but below you'll find our top 8!

1. Flexibility

Unlike traditional rental providers, at Gravity Co-Living, we're extremely flexible with our contracts.  We offer various contract lengths, so you can stay with us as long as you need to.  We understand that circumstances can change quickly, so if you did need to move out earlier than planned for any reason, all you need to do is give us four weeks' notice and we'll take care of the rest

2. Amenity led living

Get more for your money. When you decide to live with us at Gravity Co-Living, you get access to amenities that you wouldn’t normally get with traditional renting.  Each Gravity Co-Living property not only has its own didicated communal lounge/co-working space but you'll also find a lush, spacious communal garden at our Finsbury Park property (shown below) and a modern gym space at our Camden Lock property.

Gravity Co-Living Finsbury Park Gardens

3. Friends for life

When you decide to join the Gravity Co-Living community, you’ll move into an environment where you'll meet like-minded people who all want to connect and uplift each other.   As well as your property communal space where you'll be able to meet everyone, if you are new to London, attending our social events is a great way to meet Gravity Co-Living members from other properties to help further expand your new friendship circle. The great thing, is that you will spend a lot of time with these people and in doing so, will help you build friendships and connections that last.

4. Wellbeing 

At Gravity Co-Living, your physical and mental wellbeing is one of our top priorities.  As part of our tailored events schedule, we create regular fitness events for our members to attend such as self-defence classes and yoga workshops.   We also want to help support your mental wellbein and so have partnered with an online wellbeing, counselling and support service, so you can get around the clock support, whenever you need it.  24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Gravity Co-Living

Gravity Co-Living West Court Yoga Class

5. Rent & utilities all toegether

We know that paying bills each and every month is not the most fun activity in the world and when you have multiple bills, things can get a tad complicated.  At Gravity Co-Living, we make rental payments simple and include utilities such as water, electricity, gas and Wi-Fi in the same bill as your rent.  Nice right?!

6. Networking 

In London, networking is a huge thing. Shared living at Gravity Co-Living means you can utilise the skills of others around you to help make your ideas happen.  Supporting professional development is a huge thing for us at Gravity Co-Living.  As well as running events designed to support professional growth, Gravity Co-Living also often hosts employees working for leading brands who you can connect with and potentially take your career to the next level. Living with Gravity Co-Living will give you opportunities to learn and develop professionally - all included within the price.

At Gravity Co-Living properties, you can network with other members including founders, creatives and other professionals in the co-working space. 

Gravity Co-Living

Gravity Co-Living Finsbury Park Co-Working and Networking Session

7. Partnerships

At Gravity-Co Living, we want to add benefit and value to the life of our members as much as we can.  One of the ways we do this is through our partnership programme.  We join forces with partners in our local community as well as nationally to provide benefits and discounts that we pass directly to our members.

8. Events 

We love events at Gravity Co-Living.  So much so that we include them in our schedules each and every week.  We cover events in the fitness and wellbeing space, events that help us grow and develop professionally and our most favourite kind of event - the social events.  Gravity Co-Living has a dedicated Community Manager who looks after our events for our members, but doesn't do this alone as we have a lot of members who also create events for other members across the Gravity Co-Living community. 

So that all Gravity Co-Living members are aware of these events, we simply share them on our Gravity Co-Living app.

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