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Gravity Co x Le Wagon

Gravity Co joins forces with Le Wagon to give its members access to great tech courses including Web Development, Data Science and Data Analytics.

As the world of tech continues to grow and advance, learning to code is fast becoming one of the most valuable skills to gain.  If you find yourself typing or tapping into Google ‘learn how to code’, it could be because you are looking to advance your career or maybe, change your career completely.  Perhaps you’re wanting to build games or software for your friends, do some freelance tech work or maybe you just want to advance your understanding in the tech space.  Whatever your objective, learning the language of computers can be a huge asset that can enhance both your professional and personal development.

At Gravity Co-Living, we are constantly looking at ways where we can do just this for our members.  Our offering is not just simply providing accommodation that focuses around community, we also thrive to enhance the lives our members through everyday experiences.  In the tech space, we want to provide our members with opportunity to develop new skills such as learning how to code and are excited to join forces with Le Wagon.

Le Wagon offer a number of courses to develop your knowledge, understanding and skill set in the tech space.  As well as a coding course (Web Development) further courses on offer include Data Science and Data Analytics.  As well as offering a variety of courses, Le Wagon run these both full and part timed, so you’re able find learn at a pace and time that is more suited to your needs.  What’s more, if you are unable to attend a course in person, online courses are also on offer, adding even more flexibility to your learning development.

Gravity Co members, sign in to the Gravity App today to view your Le Wagon special offer.