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Christmas: a time for mindfulness and self-love

As the festive season is well and truly on us, many of us are feeling tired, under pressure and short on time at the end of another intense year. From stressful news headlines to social media, the modern age is a difficult one for many to balance. We understand that Christmas can be a difficult time for some, especially for those who are not spending the holidays with family or loved ones. To help our community through this festive period, we have put together some tips to help encourage positive mental health.

Listen to a sound bath

A sound bath is a wonderful way to soothe anxiety, the nervous system and block all ideas and thoughts out of consciousness as you connect with your body. Take time to be bathed in sound and heal the body through anything from cleansing music to mantras. These sessions typically last between 15-60 minutes and place you back in a state of harmony through sound frequencies.

You can find many variations of these on YouTube.

Guided meditations

Is there a particular area of your life agitating you now? From feeling you are stuck in the same surroundings to feeling un-grounded?

Emma Lucy Knowles, an acclaimed healer, energy and light worker, offers a range of personalised meditations on her website to help you rebalance your chakras and restore your mindset.


Lymphatic massage session

Do you know your mind and body are deeply connected? Stress and negative emotions are quickly perceived by the body causing sluggish metabolism and blocked lymph nodes. Lymphatic drainage massages can help to realign your body and prevent further immune or thyroid issues. You can find good lymphatic massage at most beauty salons.

Life Coaching

A one-to-one session with a trained life coach is an excellent way to talk through stresses and concerns and reconfigure the brain, whilst also finding practical day to day solutions to problems.

Take time away from devices – walk in nature, read a book

As simple as it might sound, the negative impact of mobile phones and constant use of technology is overwhelming and often overlooked. Instead of being concerned with being ‘in-touch’ or constantly scrolling other people’s ‘perfect’ Christmas feeds, take time to go for a walk, ground yourself in everyday elements and read a book. Unsurprisingly, the wirings of our brain get shortened through instant information so it’s good for elasticity to focus on full book chapters.