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Gravity's Guide

Gravity Co's Guide to January in London

January welcomes new beginnings and it’s perfect to try some new things out! From strolls by the Thames and some fitness inspiration to creative outputs and professional growth events – we’ve found some things you can do now the Christmas rush is over.

(Battersea Power Station)

Why not kick things off by checking out one of the light festivals/installations happening in London?

  1. Canary Wharf’s Winter Lights is on between the 17th to 27th of January (5-10pm) and it’s sure to ‘take you on a journey through 12 spectacular temporary installations.’ The installations are put together by some of the most innovative light artists across the world so it’s definitely worth exploring!
  2. Battersea Power Station’s annual Light Festival is returning from the 25th of January for a month. If you want to know more about the artists that are involved or the event itself, check it out here. It doesn’t stop at the lights though as Battersea Power Station now has over 140 shops, bars, restaurants and venues open so why not make a day of it?

🎨 For the artier people:

  1. London Short Film Festival is coming your way between the 19th to 28th of January. Have a look through the programme and book your tickets for the shows you want to see!

    (Cultus by Zach Blas)
  2. There’s a super cool exhibition Cultus by Zach Blas (Part of arebyte 2023/24 programme The Body, The Mind, The Soul) which is ‘an immersive exploration of AI Gods, spirituality, and Silicon Valley’s techno-religion.’

💼 Here’s some professional events you need to attend:

  1. Start Up Founders and Investors Social Networking (Friday 12 January 18:30 – 21:00) @ Sway Bar
  2. Elevating Female Entrepreneurs (Thursday 18 Jan 16:00—18:00) @ Small Business Research + Enterprise Centre
  3. Protecting Your Brand (Thursday 25 Jan 18:00—20:00) @ Design District

🏃 How about a health kick?

  1. Sign up and take part in a free 5k park run! You can register here.
  2. Sign up to one of Digme’s classes and break a sweat. (Don’t forget, Gravity Co members can access their exclusive discount via the app!)
  3. Claim your free Classpass month and sign up to a class this January.

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