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Gravity Professional Growth

Setting your intentions for 2024

Tackling and settings goals for the year ahead can sometimes be intimidating, but it really doesn’t have to be! Goals and intentions are there to keep you focused and are something that also evolve with time – you can revisit, review and reflect on your goals past the month of January. When you formulate your intentions for the day, week, month and year ahead, it’s great to have some smaller, more achievable goals. Don’t just focus on the end goal of what you want to achieve; you have to break it down and think of the steps you need to get there.

Take this as an example: “Intention 1. Improve your fitness. You can start breaking this down into smaller, more actionable goals such as: ‘attend one weekly class, run a weekly 5k and introduce healthier foods into my diet.’ Slowly, you will notice a positive lifestyle shift and you’ll find yourself doing these things naturally when you get into the habit. This will eventually become second nature to you, doing so just takes a little bit of time and repetition. Research shows that within 10 weeks or so, this ‘new healthy habit’ or lifestyle shift will become apparent. Naturally, it will be more difficult at the start but rest assured that it does get easier with time. Personal wellbeing is one of our pillars of community at Gravity Co and this is reflected through our partnerships and offering. It’s your job to set the goals you want to achieve but we’re here to help you on your way. Across our events, you will notice different forms of weekly Yoga & Pilates to get you started. It doesn’t end there, our partners at Digme Fitness, who are experts in Cycle, HIIT, Yoga and Barre offer our members classes and exclusive discounts.

Your second intention may look like this “Intention 2: Become more social”. It can get increasingly difficult to get yourself out there especially if there’s an existing lack of socialising which can ultimately lead to anxiety and depression but that’s no secret. One solution would be to join a community and this shouldn’t be a difficult thing to do! We’ll assume you’re already familiar with the concept of coliving, if not here’s a super short overview of what it does: Coliving is a modern housing trend where individuals or sometimes couples live together in shared spaces – which has been gaining popularity in recent years. It provides a unique living experience that offers both convenience and community. Another one of our pillars of community is meaningful engagement where we create open and inviting environments and encourage collaborations and connections. This varies from intimate dining experiences inside your own property to our big portfolio events. Check out our Summer Celebration to see what went down!

Intention 3: Progress in my career” – possibly the hardest of the 3 intentions to most people. Nonetheless, all of these require determination, motivation and consistency but when it comes to the workplace, you may have to dig deeper and find that desire to learn more. Just like the first intention, it can be broken down into smaller goals such as learning a new skill specific to what you do or what you need to make the next step up. Outside of our properties, we also regularly look for professional events that may interest you and send them your way as well as hosting our own. On top of that, our long-term partners, coding school Le Wagon, give our members access to great tech courses including Web Development, Data Science and Data Analytics. As well as offering a variety of courses, Le Wagon run these both full and part timed, so you are able learn at a pace and time that is more suited to your needs. If you want to explore learning how to code, have a look at their site today.

Let’s make 2024 the year of progress and successes.