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Gravity Professional Growth

Gravity Co x Hubble

Gravity Co joins forces with Hubble to give its members on demand access to amazing coworking spaces

As an increasing number of us are now working remotely, popularity and demand for co-working spaces has grown immensely.  With many organisations either moving to a fully or partially remote working model, more and more of us are working from home on a daily basis.

Although the move to working from home has been welcomed by many,  some studies have highlighted its negative side with one survey in particular revealing that 81% of under-35s feared loneliness from long-term home working and similar supporting studies showing heightened levels of stress and anxiety among younger workers since the shift to remote work.

Co-working spaces can be a great alternative to working from home and can support your social appetite in the workplace.  Their flexible offering enables you to work in a number in different setups - from private office rentals (if you require a lot of quiet time) to active hotdesking, so you can surround yourself with, connect and collaborate with a number of other companies and brands.

As well providing the standard facilities that support your daily working routines (WIFI access, ample working space, breakout areas and kitchens with free flowing caffeine), many of these co-working spaces have welcomed extras such as fitness facilities, in house bar areas and a calendar full of after work social activities. 

So, with all these great benefits of the modern day co-working space, why have access to just one when you could have access to multiple?!

Allow us to introduce you to Hubble Pass - on-demand access to hundreds of amazing co-working spaces, private day offices, and meeting rooms around the world, in one all-access membership!  

Hubble Pass connects you to some of the best in class co-working spaces including Huckletree, LABS, WeWork and Worklife, giving you the chance to access multiple co-working brands and locations so that you can try and test to see which one is right for you.  Their pay as you go model allows you to easily purchase credits that you can redeem when and where you need to. 

Although at Gravity Co, we pride ourselves on providing flexible, cool communal/co-working spaces, we also know that variety is the spice of life.  That’s why we’ve joined forces with Hubble Pass who are offering Gravity Co members credits to access some of the best co-working spaces available.  Find all the details on the Gravity App.