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Coding: the new ‘buzzword’

Best places to learn coding

You don’t need to be tech savvy to have heard about the new ‘coding’ trend. But what exactly is coding? And how can you learn it?

In short, coding (computer programming) is how we communicate with computers – a code tells a computer what actions to take, so writing code is like writing a set of instructions.

Mastering coding is very different from educational degrees in computer science – the art of coding can be learnt at any age and through easily accessible courses, videos, apps and online tutorials. There are four types of coding: Imperative, Functional, Logical, Object-oriented. Whilst there is some overlap in disciplines, it is advisable to decide which is most suited to your skillset.

Coding is also rising in popularity due to the emerging remote work/digital nomad demographic, and so are the job opportunities, good salaries and the chance to ‘anywhere work.’

Gravity Co. has a large tech following and plenty of coders amongst our community, all with different coding backgrounds and all at different levels.  

If coding is something you are interested in, allow us to make some reccommendations as to where you can learn this in-demand skill.


Learn Software Engineering, Data Analytics or Data Science on campus or online.  For those who live in or are happy to commute to London, for full flexibility, LeWagon offer both part as well as full time courses so that you can study at a rate that suits you.

A leading coding school started by founders who have worked with many businesses and governments worldwide, Decoded takes a hands on approach on data tools and techniques. Choose between multiple short form courses, which integrate gamification and interaction (imagine and test hacking into an online bank), and long form courses on data engineering, advanced data analytics and more. 

Brainstation aims to modernise and revolutionise tech education for upcoming graduates and professionals with intensive courses that are like bootcamps for web developers. One on one coaching sessions are also part of the curriculum.

Makers Academy is a 16-week computer programming bootcamp in London founded in 2012. Open to students and more experienced coders rather than complete beginners, learn the fundamentals of web development along with programmes such as Ruby on Rails, HTML5, Java Script and Agile Methodology. The selection process for courses is thorough, with most of the accepted applicants having prior experience in the field.



Reading College
Based in Reading centre, Reading College has over 8,000 local learners on over 900 courses. Coding courses are to a high standard, particularly because of the growing amount of tech companies in the area. The main coding course is actually online-based, part time for a 16-week duration, but with strong support from college assessors.

CodeHance is the leading software training institute in Reading, focused on career changers, open to beginners as well as experienced coders, offering insight into the coding job marketplace, particularly for contractor work.