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The increasing trend of digital nomad

We live in changing times – the perfectly curated squares across social media platforms that gave illusion to our own dream lifestyle have finally become reality. Enter the digital nomad.

As Forbes explains, ‘the digital nomad lifestyle has been on the rise for years but when COVID-19 hit, the popularity of a new way of working (and living) exploded.’ Research shows that by 2023 a whopping 43.3% of the workforce will be fully remote. Estimates also show that 80% of employees now looking for a job said it was important that the job offered them the possibility to live anywhere.

Big tech companies are getting in on the act – for example, Meta and Spotify. Notably, it’s important to differentiate from the old idea of digital nomad (a twenty something backpacker) to the current version termed by the Lonely Planet Guide, ‘an anywhere worker.’ This new type wants to create memories with friends and family. Research shows they can mainly be found in high tech jobs, with 70% between the age of 24 and 44 years, half are married, and surprisingly 70% are parents who take their families with them.

With the new digital nomad trend, it’s also important to consider that with the many benefits of ‘anywhere working’ come the negative impact of loneliness, isolation and lack of social engagement.

It is, therefore, the rental meets co-living arrangement model, which Gravity Co have pioneered, offering successful digital nomads a sweet spot in their work-life balance.

According to Digital Nomad World, London is one of the most popular DN cities due to its multiculturalism, tech innovation and leading art, design and fashion industries. Through research, we came across a blog by Andy Sto, a digital nomad from Belgium, who started a company called Sendabee, which works with companies in digital marketing to build sustainable remote work strategies. He has lived in most areas as a digital nomad and offers advice to individuals, start up and big tech companies on the ‘anywhere work’ lifestyle.


Some Digital Nomad tips include:

Make wellness a priority

Loneliness, longer work hours with less work, life structure, and even having to juggle childcare are some of the concerns of digital nomads. Physical activities such as yoga, as well as mental health workshops, book clubs, guided meditation sessions and expert nutrition advice can help navigate the digital nomad life successfully.

Gravity offers:

Events and activities tailored around rental communities and their requests/suggestions, along with the chance to meet like-minded people and make new friends through our community-led approach.


Structure time and create boundaries

Research shows that the greatest issue that arises from the digital nomad lifestyle is the pressure of separating work and life, as a sense of time is lost and the lines between work and rest become blurrier. These factors and lack of boundaries are a determining reason for burnout, exhaustion and stress-related illnesses.

Gravity offers:

Work spaces in both private and communal spaces to help with posture, alignment, etc. Our properties also offer easy-to-use facilities, including laundry, car parks, smart locks and intercom to ensure your day to day doesn’t require any extra hassle or energy. We also work with wellbeing partners who can help each individual with life-work struggles.


Make time for screen-free activities

Whilst surveys show an average person spends between 4-6 hours per day on their phone with an increase over lockdown, with ‘anywhere working’ it’s imperative to fit in screen-free activities during breaks and after work. Team sports, book clubs and keeping a clutter-free environment around you to promote good sleep patterns are all beneficial.

Gravity offers:

Stylish furnishings and interiors both in the private and communal areas for quality living and sleeping. Our communal spaces include comfortable areas to engage in reading, group discussions and socialising with other members.


If you're digital nomad and want to find out more about living with Gravity Co, take a look at our properties and get in contact with us today.