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Making New Friends In London

We've put together a full guide on the best ways to make friends in London.

In a city of over eight million people, the following guide will make meeting new people in London a breeze. Whether it is your local barista, someone on the tube, or at a spin class, the opportunities to form new friendships are endless. Making new friends can seem like a daunting task, especially if you’re new in town, if you’re new to London then we recommend you also check out our expat’s guide to London. The process of making new acquaintances is actually a lot of fun during which you will discover new things about others as well as yourself. So whether or not you're new in town or a local looking to revamp your friendship group, the following 9 top tips are here to help strike up connections in organic and fun ways! 


Discover New Hobbies

Whether you’re a football fanatic or looking to try your hand at pottery, joining clubs and associations will allow you to meet new like-minded people. Activities are a great way to meet people as it gives you a mutual conversation point and undertaking a shared experience helps develop a connection with others. Nowadays, finding those activities and groups is easier than you think, with online platforms such as Meetup and Citysocializer you can discover events for all the things you love. Such platforms also allow for the flexibility of meeting in person or partaking in online events. Moreover, utilize these platforms to connect with people of your same nationality to feel at home abroad.  


Discover new hobbies | Gravity


Explore Your Local Community 

One of the best ways to make new contacts in your community is to get out and explore your community! By strolling around your neighbourhood and frequenting the local cafes and shops you’ll be able to meet and network with others who live nearby. Popping around to your local pub in the evenings to meet people is also a great way to socialize in a relaxed and informal atmosphere, where you can enjoy a beer or two to help take the edge off when socializing. Through these interactions, you’re likely to learn who the regulars are and you may even become one yourself. 


Explore Your Local Community | Gravity


Contemplate Co-Living 

Co-living is a great way to meet many people because when you move in you’re not only gaining access to a home but a community. In a city as large as London, that feeling of social togetherness and kinship is easily lost, which is what makes co-living an ideal alternative. Community centric with public and private spaces, co-living isn’t only about a shared life but creating shared experiences. Community dinners, common spaces, and networking events ensure that you not only meet your neighbors but make friends for life. Designed with not solely living but lifestyles in mind, the concept of co-living is suitable for every and anyone looking to live a more fulfilled and connected life. Inviting you into a flat as well as a family, co-living provides you with the opportunity to join like-minded people in contributing to something greater. To learn more about co-living and how it works read more here.


Contemplate Co-Living | Gravity


Bond Over Food 

If you like to eat out but don’t have any friends to make a reservation with yet, Eatwith is a great way to win friends while indulging in a fabulous culinary experience. Reflective of the city London itself, Eatwith offers cooking classes and hosted experiences with meals from all over the world. This experience allows you to skip the formal small-talk and jump to everyone’s favourite pastime, eating! The food, wine, and collection of strangers are enough to ensure that your evening is exciting & social as well as delicious. 


Bond over food | Gravity


Use Online Apps & Platforms 

Now more than ever, with so much time being spent at home due to COVID it’s hard to get out in your community to meet people. COVID isn’t the only one at fault, sometimes our lifestyles and schedules are just too busy to take sushi-making classes or kickboxing to mingle. Therefore, online social networking platforms can be a social and fun alternative networking alternative. Hey Vina is an app tailored for helping women make friends with other women in a safe and supportive environment. Other apps such as Bumble BFF let you swipe to find your new best friend. Or go back to basics, and join a FB group to “find your tribe” whether you’re an ex-pat, an American, or a single mom, Facebook offers groups tailored to all. 



Join Exercise Classes 

Exercise classes, especially afterwards when all the endorphins are flowing, are a great way to meet new people in London. It can be anything traditional like a yoga or pilates class to something that embraces your inner child. Rabble is “fun fitness,” which offers dynamic games such as capture the flag and dodgeball regardless of your experience level. Team sports such

as the aforementioned are an exceptionally great way to make friends as you already begin to build a foundation by relying upon and trusting one another. 


Join exercise classes | Gravity



While volunteering might not be the top social event that comes to mind when considering how to meet new friends, it can also be a fun and rewarding alternative. There are vast volunteering opportunities and organizations in need of support in London, so there is likely to be one well suited to your interests. Volunteering kills two birds with one stone, allowing you to interact whilst you give back to your community. 


Volunteer | Gravity


Be Confident & Be Yourself 

Finding friends requires you to put yourself out there, which at times is an intimidating prospect. People won’t always walk over and invite you to join them for coffee first, therefore it is also up to you to make the first interaction with those around you. Meeting people in London also requires a ‘yes’ mentality, so that when people do extend invitations you are open to trying new things. Throughout the process, you must always remember to remain authentic so that you aren’t only meeting many people, but building lasting friendships.


Be confident and be yourself | Gravity



Networking events are organized with the sole purpose of allowing people to form new professional contacts. Therefore, these opportunities are the prime time to socialize as you will be amongst individuals who have come there with the same aim in mind. To identify events, workshops, and talks that might be of interest to you, there are platforms such as Eventbrite. Eventbrite offers events for your pastimes as well as professions, allowing you to simultaneously expand your personal and professional network. Attend alone, or with a colleague and open your mind to embrace the new. 

Networking | Gravity


Join Gravity!

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