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Meet Eddie, West Court Member

by The Gravity Team

Eddie was one of the first members to move into our West Court property!

My name is Eddie Ephraim, I am 28 years old and I was born in London but grew up in Kent and Dorset.

I joined Gravity in August 2021, in their new property in Hounslow. This allowed me to take my time in choosing the perfect room as the building wasn’t full at the time. Gravity stood out against the rest because of its support of young professionals, networking events and opportunities to meet new people from all walks of life. It has been a great experience so far – getting used to the area, going for daily walks and pushing myself to attend as many events as possible helps too. The beauty of living in this location is you have the option to reach out to the staff who can assist you with anything you need.


Eddie is the Co-founder & CEO at Melodee

Melodee is an online marketplace that makes purchasing a bespoke video from a performer easy, in just a few clicks. It all started in 2007, as a violinist, I always felt there should be an instant online platform for performers to earn money. Years later, when I was living and working in the Middle East, I found myself thinking of a present to send to my grandmother – I wanted it to be unique, something that she can remember, not just cards and chocolates. I ended up sending a video clip of myself with her favourite song in the background and she loved the present. She still talks about it today! In the end, this created a cumulation of ideas that lead to what Melodee is today.

Melodee should be launching before the end of the year, as it’s currently being tested. Watch this space!


Eddie was the lucky winner of our partner Vaboo’s free month rent competition 🎉

Winning this made me feel over the moon! I was delighted and, above all, very grateful. It allows me to have a safety net more so than before. I haven’t put much thought into how I will use the money yet – saving is always the first thought, but Christmas is around the corner so that might change things!