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Gravity x DAD

Save 25% off plant-based meals for two weeks!


We have partnered up with DAD!

DAD is a new delivery service that delivers plant-based, no-gluten meals right to your door. They only make what they sell, resulting in no wastage. Their packaging is 100% home compostable and their meals are delivered by bicycle.

Ordering and preparing your food is easy. 

Firstly, download the DAD App for iPhone or Android and then...

Step 1: choose which weekdays you want a delivery.
Step 2: receive your food before lunchtime on your selected dates.
Step 3: heat, eat and compost! 


Gravity members get 25% off on DAD meals for two weeks!

All information on how to redeem the offer can be found on the app.


If you own or know of a business that offers great products or services that you think Gravity members would love, we want to hear from you. Reach out to Craig at cm@gravitycoliving.com today!