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Gravity Social

Meet Martina, Our Member and Gravity Ambassador at Finsbury Park

We sat down to get to Martina, our Gravity ambassador at Finsbury Park.

We sat down to get to know Martina, our Gravity ambassador at Finsbury Park who's looking to shape culture, create connection and community at Gravity. We learnt about her passions, charity work and all the great things she does for the Finsbury Park community. 


Tell us a bit more about you?

I am originally from Italy (yes, one more Italian in town), I moved from Germany to London in 2015 to complete a MA in Arts Management and I have been working here since. I'm interested in culture, and how art can educate and act as a catalyst to spark societal change. My work experience varies from working at galleries to giving back to the community I live in. Every week I volunteering to deliver meals to vulnerable families. Taking this grassroots approach helps me to see first hand the families I'm helping and shines a light on societal issues I want to address through accessible cultural organisations. 


How do you take care of your mental health in London? 

I cycle pretty much everywhere - it gives me a great sense of freedom and it's a lovely way to discover the city! 


Why did you move into Gravity? 

I couldn't see myself living in a flatshare anymore. Gravity gives me privacy, independence, comfort and the presence of other members is a great way to connect with people that I wouldn’t come across otherwise.


What was your thoughts about co-living before moving in and has this changed? 

To be honest I was very sceptical about it as it was a new concept for me. However, after moving in I realised it is the best option I could have possibly gone for.


What does community mean to you?

Community is support, solidarity, fun and a joined effort to create the best community. This is something I use for the community support I do at Finsbury Park.


Do you think living within Gravity has benefited you in any way? 

The flexibility and hasslefree approach that characterises how Gravity operates have been beneficial in giving me more time to focus on the projects that really matter to me.  


Can you tell us about the Gravity events you help run? 

I am the Gravity ambassador at Finsbury park which means that I run events weekly for the community and help build a sense of family. My favourite is our Monday's dinners that I make for everyone. They are a great way for members to connect and get together. They are also an opportunity for new members to be integrated into the community. 


What does Gravity mean to you in one word? 



Have you explored the local area?  

Yes! My favourite things to do in the neighbourhood is morning walks at Clissold Park, coffees at Blighty or Salt & Radish cafes, pints in the lovely garden at The Faltering Fullback, uh and the Castle Climbing Centre.