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Tuesday 8th June: Yin Yang Yoga & Meditation With Maria Amiouni.

Join Gravity Co for a free online Yin Yang Yoga & Meditation.

The Free Class

In this class, Maria will take you on a journey through fast and slow yoga postures. Incorporating dynamic and static elements, linear and fluid, this class integrates the yin and yang aspects of yoga. The class will leave you feeling refreshed and awakened from the inside out by moving the body and breath in a mindful, coherent and fluid way. As a student, you will be building up more body awareness and feel more confident on the mat. You will also learn how to start your own meditation practice and new breathing techniques.


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Yoga and meditation I Gravity


Do You Mean Business?

As a home for entrepreneurs and professionals in London - we're all about living a healthier, happier lifestyle. Entrepreneurs and professionals need to be able to think quickly and process multiple pieces of information at the same time. Taking part in our yoga sessions will help you increase your focus and ability to think with a sense of clarity that leads to improved decision-making. Not sold yet? Want better sleep, higher engergy levels and more emotional stability? Taking time regulary for yoga and medidation has also been proved to help with that too. 


About Maria

Maria Amiouni is a 500 hour certified yoga teacher in ashtanga vinyasa and vinyasa flow. After graduating from the University of San Diego in 2014, she worked in the finance world before discovering a love for yoga and energy healing. Maria is also a Holistic Health Coach and Reiki practitioner. Her love and passion for healing was the reason she decided to leave her corporate job in 2018 and pursue her true passions. She decided that she wanted to raise awareness of the importance of a holistic approach to yoga, health, and healing. She believes in bio-individuality, and that one person’s way of doing something might not work for everyone & that there’s no one size fits all.