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What Documents do I need to Rent a Flat

Documents for tenants include documents related to identification, employment, character, and credit score. Find out more about all you need for flat applications.

After you figured out details such as where to live in London, and the costs of living in London, you’re ready to begin the hunt for your flat. Before you proceed with the process, initially it is a good idea to gather all the necessary information and documents for tenants that will be required of you. Create a folder, either online or a physical copy, so that everything is organized and easily accessible at any apartment viewings. Flats to rent in London are in high demand, so being a potential tenant who is organized and can provide information up front will benefit you in creating a favorable impression. This guide addresses the question of "What documents do I need to rent a flat?" so that you know precisely what to put in your folder, to get the apartment of your dreams.


Necessary Documents for Renting

Landlords and agencies are thorough in ensuring that their potential tenants' backgrounds, as well as their finances, are in order. Before the process of renting, details pertaining to your identity, character, ability to pay rent and employment will have to be presented. Having a comprehensive compilation will aid you in presenting yourself as a responsible and professional tenant. This impression could be the deciding factor that leads your landlord to choose you instead of another prospective tenant. 


Proof of Identity

To rent a property in the UK it is necessary to be over 18 years of age. Your passport is a valid form of identification to use, so it is best to make a photocopy so that it is always on hand. For proof of residence, any official document with your address and name is acceptable, such as utility bills, bank letters, or doctor's letters. If you are not native to the UK make sure that you also have a copy of your visa or immigration status document, for proof of legal residence.


Employment Status

Employment status is checked during the application process to run an affordability check. Affordability checks determine whether your annual salary is at least 30 times higher than the monthly rent, e.g. if your rent is £900 then your salary should be at least £27,000. This is to ensure for the landlord that consistent rental payments will be made. For full-time employment status, various documents that are suitable for presentation are your employment contract, payslips from the last 3-6 months, a letter from your employer with the relevant details of your employment, or a tax return from the most recent tax year. If you are self-employed earnings will have to be shown over a longer period such as 1-3 years. Bank statements, and company details such as certificates and tax returns are also acceptable documents to present if you are self-employed. 


Credit History

Your credit history will aid the landlord or agency in ascertaining your creditworthiness and reliability in making payments. Your credit score can be negatively affected by events such as missed payments, unpaid loans, and defaults on accounts. If your credit score is low, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be eligible for an apartment application but it could alter the application process. Low credit scores might necessitate a guarantor to co-sign your tenancy agreement or for rent to be paid upfront. Credit checks cannot be carried out by the landlord or an agency without your consent, and no fees should be required of you for the check to be carried out.


Character Check

While not always requested, proof of the goodness of character can influence a landlord's decision about whether or not to accept your application. References from employers or previous landlords will provide evidence of your character and support your eligibility. If you didn’t end on great terms with your previous landlord, proof that you received a full refund of your previous apartment’s deposit will reassure your new potential landlord of your nature. 


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