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What's A Service Apartment? Pros For Corporates

Want to know more about serviced apartments? We've put together the benefits to serviced living.

You may never have heard of service apartments before or considered them an alternative type of living accommodation, until now. Serviced apartments are fully furnished rentals, complete with kitchenette and amenities, that are available for long and short-term usage. Benefits such as a larger living space and cost savings, make it the ideal alternative to provide you with the sense of comfort and privacy that isn’t easily replicated in a hotel. Available for corporate or private travellers, service apartments will have you feeling at home abroad. 


Benefits of Service Apartments

Alternative to Hotels

Staying in serviced apartments are great for extended stays in one location, offering a much more cost-effective alternative than a hotel. Hotels can be costly, where your money gets you a lot, except the feeling of being at home. With service apartments, you pay less, but you’re getting more compared with regular hotel rooms. Serviced accommodations provide an environment that replicates the feeling of being at home, allowing you to experience the same space, privacy, and comfort as your own surroundings. Moreover, access to a kitchen or kitchenette aids you in saving money during your stay because it means that you can prep your meals instead of having to constantly dine out.  

Alternative To Hotels I Gravity

Access of Amenities

At home we’re used to having all our amenities at our disposal, gym equipment, washing machines, kitchen appliances, so why would you want that to be any different while away? A benefit of service apartments is that they are fully equipped with whatever you may need, making your stay and packing a breeze. Serviced apartments are often all-inclusive of Wifi, TV, laundry machines, housekeeping, parking, gym, and meeting spaces, all included within the rental price. Therefore, corporate accommodations are a move-in-ready solution at your fingertips, ready for you. 


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Cultural Immersion

Serviced apartments are a reflection of the community in which they are located. Reflecting how the locals live, service apartments offer a culturally immersive experience to enhance your time abroad. Contrary to hotels, the live-in style provides you with the in-house entertainment and in-house dining experience to live like a local. Having access to your own space also allows for the possibility of hosting dinner parties and such for any new friends or business acquaintances you may have met. 

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Guaranteed Standards 

Have you ever shown up to a home-sharing rental to find that the kitchen or bathroom was in a state of disarray? Finding accommodation through home-sharing applications, while convenient, invites uncertainty into the quality of your stay. With home sharing, you’re dealing with private individuals instead of professionals, who may not share the same health and quality standards as you. Whereas with corporate accommodations, you’re working with a trusted professional service that guarantees and prioritizes your comfort. So don’t take a chance in terms of health and safety, and look into service apartments for your next self-contained accommodation. 

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Home Away From Home

The average size of a hotel room is about 330 feet. Serviced apartments offer more space and living areas in addition to your bedroom, something that would cost you a premium price at a hotel. So while a hotel room is a great option for a couple of nights, for an extended stay that extra space and access to facilities will likely be something you’ll come to cherish. Especially, when away for extended periods homesickness can begin to set in, with a service apartment you need not ever feel that way. 

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Who are Service Apartments for?

Serviced apartments are an accommodation solution available to anyone in need of short or long-term accommodation. Oftentimes, service apartments are utilized by business travellers when they need to stay somewhere temporarily as it is a cheaper alternative as well as a more comfortable substitute for a business trip. Corporate accommodation is also perfect if you just moved to a city and need accommodation while you’re searching for your dream home. The corporate accommodation is perfect as it is all bills inclusive, so it makes moving in a hassle-free process. Lastly, the accommodation is for anyone travelling privately, either alone or with their family, to give you the space and comfort that you crave. 

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Gravity’s Serviced Apartments

Gravity is a Co-Living service in London offering fully serviced apartments. Gravity boasts many benefits such as fitness events, stylish furnishings, flexible contracts and working areas. Ensuring that you have access to every and anything that you might need during your stay, with a community manager always available to support your requests. The lodgers at Gravity are largely young working professionals, so if you’re in London on business, rest assured that you’ll be surrounded by like-minded individuals. Lastly, Gravity prides itself on the transparency of its costs and cleanliness, ensuring that your stay is always up to your standards and satisfaction. Check out our Gravity Co-Living’s serviced apartments and short term rentals in London solution pages for additional information for business and leisure travel.