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5 unusual pancake fillings

Fancy something different in your pancake/crepe this year?

It’s that day of the the year where we celebrate that delicious flat batter dish, freshly fried, dusted with sugar, dripping in lemon or oozing with Nutella.  Mmmmm.  Yes, we love those same-old, same-old pancake/crepe toppings/fillings, but is 2023 the year that you try something a little different?  Allow us to suggest 5 unusual fillings that may just float your boat this pancake day.  Oh, and they're super easy and quick to make!

We do suggest that your make your own crepes from scratch.  Here is a very easy recipe for you to do just that.

Tiramisu and Amaretti Biscuits

For those of you who can’t have coffee late in the day, this may not be for you.  For those that can, this delicious, sweet, creamy mascarpone filling with that bitter coffee taste and crunchy amaretti biscuit is a winning combination.  You can always make the tiramisu yourself, but there are so many supermarkets that produce great tiramisu, so we suggest you buy it pre-made, along with your amaretti biscuits.  Make the pancakes/crepes yourself so they are nice and warm and spoon on the cool tiramisu filling, crumbing in some biscuit, wrap it up and enjoy!

Mincemeat (the Christmas kind)

Yes it’s February, but who cares!  If you have some leftover festive mincemeat in a jar and you just love that festive flavour, this is the combination for you.  Make your crepes fresh so they are piping hot, spoon in your festive mincemeat, roll and dust with a little icing sugar.  Want to be even more indulgent?  Get some extra thick cream and serve with your crepe. Yum, yum.

Lemon Meringue Crepes

Another very easy recipe.  Tangy, super sweet and it has that added crumbly crunch.  Make your pancakes fresh, spread in some lemon curd and crumble in some meringue.  Both (you’ll be glad to know) can be purchased ready made from the super market.  If you want to add a little more sharpness, squeeze some lemon juice over and grate a touch of zest.  With this recipe, don’t leave the meringue in the pancake for too long as it can go soft.  So eat them quick-ish.

Stilton, Bacon, Honey, Plum and Walnut

Inspired by the grilled cheese sandwiches you get at festivals.  We assure you, this is a winning combination.  If you’re vegetarian, remove the bacon.  It tastes just as good without.  To make this delicious treat, cook your bacon (if using) and set aside.   Make your crepe and once ready, put on a tray that you can put under the grill.  Sprinkle over your stilton and grill until slightly melted.  Remove from the grill, add your bacon with some slices of ripe plum (the softer the better) drizzle with honey, wrap and take a bite.  Delicious!

Your favourite cake

At Gravity Co-Living, we’re big fans of Battenberg.  That soft, sweet sponge and wrapped in delicious marzipan.  Make your crepe fresh and crumble the cake between your fingers and sprinkle over the pancake.  At this stage, you can wrap it up or, if you’re feeling super indulgent, drizzle over some custard (which you can buy shop bought also)

Another great cake that goes well with this is the Bakewell tart.