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Looking for a new place to call home during COVID? During these difficult times a lot of us are struggling with isolation. More than ever, we crave community. Co-Living could well be the answer to your problems! This blog specifically goes into the differences between the management and physical set up of Gravity Co-Living compared to traditional accommodation. Part two that follows, dives deeper into the community! Read on to find out how Gravity could be the missing link!

Global crisis or not, food and shelter are our basic necessities. But how much of an impact do our choices regarding both have on our quality of life?

Over recent years, the importance of a balanced diet has hit mainstream headlines – Facebook, IG, TV, billboards, it’s everywhere. Basic changes to what you eat, how you eat & where you eat, can improve your health and wellbeing tenfold. Less well documented however, is how accommodation can have an even greater influence on every aspect of our lives. 

Where & how we choose to live, undeniably has a huge impact on our wellbeing. Having a nice-looking ‘pad’ or a great postcode/zipcode are no longer the only important factors in your decision-making process.

What about contract flexibility? What about amenity space? What about property management? What about community?

More than ever during lockdown, we are realising the importance of picking the right place to call our home. For many, it’s time to make that change! 

Maybe your tenancy is coming to an end and:

  • You want to find a flexible solution as the future is still unclear?
  • You are looking to scale down during uncertain times?
  • You need to move away from vulnerable family or friends?
  • You want to live in a supportive environment?
  • You are searching for improved mental wellbeing?
  • You want a well-managed & hassle-free place to call home?
  • You are just looking for something new?

Have you considered co-living?

Below we have laid out the benefits of living at Gravity Co-Living - both during COVID & beyond.



So, what makes our property & our management different from others during COVID?

Contract flexibility & ease of sign-up

  • Sign up from as little as 1 month to 1 year at Gravity.
  • Our short notice period allows you to leave at any time and this flexibility is unprecedented within traditional accommodation. 
  • With virtual viewings, secure online contracts and staff available by phone 24/7, the sign-up process is quick and easy. So, whether you’re on the other side of the world or currently stuck in lockdown, Gravity has you covered! 
  • Extending with us is just as simple! So when you fall in love with Gravity you can extend whenever, from wherever, maybe forever! 

Amenity space

  • Whether we are stuck at home by Government advice or just happy to hang out once it’s all over, Gravity has a variety of areas designed to the highest standard and adaptable for any situation. 
  • From 3 landscaped gardens for a COVID home workout or a summer BBQ. From our co-working space when your office is closed to our cosy lounge. From our fully equipped kitchens to cook up a storm to our family-style dining area. From our storage areas for excess luggage to our free to use laundry room, you will always find the highest quality, a space to explore and a community to be part of.  

Private en-suite rooms to suite your needs

  • We have amazing communal areas, but sometimes you just need your own space – YES because of COVID and sometimes just to have that important ‘you’ time. 
  • That’s why we created 4 different room types, allowing you to choose the room that best suits your style & needs. 
  • All of our rooms are en-suite, all with clever & ample storage solutions, all with desks & all with your own fridge (for midnight snacking or your all-important beauty products). 
  • With a designated internet line, you will never be fighting for signal when working from home or in the evenings, streaming your favourite Netflix series. 
  • Soundproof rooms & your own hot water supply means you can sing to your hearts content in your private shower without disturbing anybody! 
  • It’s these little extras that make such a BIG difference and ensure you are safe, equipped & ready during lockdown & life after COVID!


  • Location, location, location. The classic saying is so true! London is a big city & the need to be connected is crucial. 
  • Our location in zone 2 with multiple tube lines (including Victoria), bus routes & over ground, gives you access to every corner of the city! 
  • But what about locally? Well, we have beautiful parks, amazing coffee shops, bars & beer gardens all around us - hopefully after COVID, all opening again soon to enjoy exclusive Gravity discounts!

24/7 management & security

  • With the current uncertainty of COVID, we make sure at Gravity that we are always available for our members. 
  • We ensure more than ever that our space is secure & has the correct plans in place to help keep COVID at bay. 
  • We deal with all utility bills, taxes & urgent requests straight away, so you can live hassle-free & concentrate on what really matters to you. One less stress during COVID is a relief for us all!  


  • Since the day we opened we have had a strict cleaning procedure & an amazing onsite cleaning team. 
  • More than ever, hygiene is crucial during these difficult times. Not only are we ramping up our cleaning, we have provided all our community with gloves, masks & sanitizer to make sure we do our part to stop COVID from entering our home and our community.


Above sums up how we have listened, we have learned, and we have adapted the traditional residential norms. Through these changes we are providing a much-needed service to everybody and this is only the beginning!


Our next blog goes into more benefits living with Gravity can have on our members wellbeing. We dive deeper into the hospitality, the community, the spirit of the shared economy and how co-living is so much more than a home, but a community, a lifestyle and an opportunity worth grabbing.